1. What type of infill jointing compound should I use for the board joint?
  50 - 75mm wide fibremesh and cement + latex + sand + water mixture.
2. Where can I place the ConcritBoard when it’s delivered to the site?
  ConcritBoard can be stored indoor and outdoor because water adsorption into the board will not affect the performance of the board.
3. Is it difficult to fix ConcritBoard?
  No. Fixing procedure and tools used is the same as any other wall-board in the market.
4. Can ConcritBoard be used for external & wet area?
  ConcritBoard is best suited for such application.
5. Can I mount heavy object on the wall surface (e.g. LCD TV, wall cabinet etc.)
  Yes. Please refer to test report for an indication of its high anchorage capacity.
6. Is it easy to cut?
  Yes, it can be cut by pen-knife or hand-held electric rotary cutter.
7. Is it easy to repair?
  Yes, just patched the dented areas using normal cement-sand-water mixture.
8. How long does it take to construct a 3m by 3m ConcritBoard partition wall as compared with brick wall?
  ConcritBoard partition wall – less then 1 day to complete including finished coating.
Brick wall – at least two days including plaster & skim coat.
9. Do we need specialists to construct ConcritBoard partition wall?
  No, people whom can operate simple electric hand tools will suffice..
10. Can ConcritBoard be curved?
  A piece of 0.92m x 1.83m board can be curved to form a circular structure. Please refer to product properties for its curvature radii.
11. Is ConcritBoard toxic or environment friendly? (Green)
  ConcritBoard is 100% toxic free and environment friendly. It has obtained “Singapore Green Label” mark.
12. How is ConcritBoard acoustic performance?
  ConcritBoard can achieve up to STC 58 for wall thickness under 155mm. Very few wall-boards can achieve this value for the same wall thickness.

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