In 1974, post-cured concrete in the form of an extruded thin hard board was invented in USA. In 2005, SLIDE & HIDE System (S) Pte Ltd introduced this unique board known as ConcritBoard to Singapore.

When designers and builders are faced with conventional construction method which is slow and problematic, when materials to be used are expensive and not readily available and where the end product quality is still unknown and not sustainable … ConcritBoard is the answer.

ConcritBoard is a versatile all-in-one cladding board that can be used for internal, external, wet and dry application such as walls, ceilings, roofs, floors … and much more. ConcritBoard is designed for light to severe duty application and it has been classified as a “Green Mark” product by the Singapore authority.

ConcritBoard had undergone an exhaustive range of tests to attest to its superior and stable properties. Without doubt, it had complied with Singapore Building and Construction Authority strict requirements.

ConcritBoard is easy to design, store and handle in the jobsite. To fix ConcritBoard to a sub-structure such as steel, wood or other base materials, simple tools and unskilled workers can even be taught easily on how to fix it. A small team of tradesmen will be able to erect a ConcritBoard cladded structure simply and quickly. Erected building elements covered and protected by ConcritBoard will be of high quality, stronger, more durable and cost-effective.

They are simply …. built to last and environmentally friendly too!

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